IMG_3574With South Collegiate Drive serving as a primary access to Paris Junior College, the Love Civic Center, Paris High School, Paris Junior High, and youth soccer fields, the City of Paris undertook a street improvement project widening the two lane section to three lanes with a continuous center turn lane and reconstructing the five lane section adjacent to the Paris Junior College campus.

Improvements included 16,514 SY of 8” cement stabilized subbase; 16,514 SY of 4” asphalt (Type B) base; 16,269 SY of single course seal coat; 16,269 SY of 2” asphalt (Type D) wearing surface; drainage improvements crossing under the street; 30” LED pedestrian crosswalk warning system at the Trail de Paris; and pavement markings.

Hayter Engineering coordinated this project with TxDOT, APEX Geoscience for geotechnical evaluation and material testing, Paris Junior College, and the City of Paris. The project was completed in 2016.