Water Storage

Water is an increasingly scarce commodity. Your water system should be designed to provide appropriate water pressure, adequate supplies of treated water, and water storage which meets State standards for potable water providers.

Efficient water system design requires thorough planning for current and future customers, attention to environmental issues, energy efficiency, a suitable budget, a commitment to high quality design, and timely completion of your project.

We have designed hundreds of elevated tanks, ground storage tanks, clearwells and standpipes encompassing a wide range of sizes and styles. These tanks have included welded steel, bolted steel, and concrete materials of construction. Our wide range of experience allows us to plan and design the right tank for your system needs.

Representative Project Descriptions:

Red River County WSC – Pumping and Ground Storage
Red River County WSC – Pumping and Storage – pumps and piping

City of Grand Saline ET Rehabilitation

City of Point – ET and GS Tank Rehab

Red River County WSC Deep Well-FM 911 S
City of Trinidad – City Lake Dam Repairs

Blossom – city lake dam
Bogata – Deep Well #7
Red River County WSC Madras ET
Lamar County WSD Roxton and High Standpipe Mixers
Bonham – Silo Road Tanks
Trinidad – Water Tower Renovations
DeKalb – elevated tank
Elevated Tank & Water Lines, City of Cooper, Texas