Each step of the water treatment process is key to the final delivery of an adequate volume of safe  drinking water to each customer. In the many steps of the process, the first step is the raw water pump station.

The raw water pump station must pull water from a reservoir or a river; and transmit that untreated water to the water treatment facility. The pump station must be designed such that it can dependably pull water from the body of water regardless of high water level or low water level. In order to maximize water quality, raw water pump stations should be able to pull water from different levels in the water body to take advantage of better quality water at varying depths. The raw water pump station must also be designed in such a way as to not become clogged with debris that is inherent in most reservoirs and rivers.

Hayter Engineering has designed a variety of pump stations for clients: vertical turbine, vacuum-assist prime end suction, and self-priming pump stations with land, barge, and platform-based stations.

Without a properly-designed raw water pump station, the best-designed treatment facility is of no value without the proper volume and quality of raw water to begin the treatment process. The raw water pump station is therefore a vital, indispensable component of a successful water treatment system.

Representative Project Descriptions:

Daisy Farms, Lamar County, Texas – Raw Water Pump Station and Flow Meter
City of Malakoff, Texas – WTP and Raw Water Pumping
City of Paris, Texas – EFR Pat Mayse Lake Raw Water Pump Station
City of Trinidad, Texas – Raw Water Pump Station