Paving & Drainage


Storm Sewer being installed, South Collegiate Drive, Paris, TX

Paving, sidewalks, drainage and lighting—these investments frame the streetscape in your community. Aesthetics, environment, function and capacity are integral parts of a successful paving project. Appropriate design maximizes your investment in your street infrastructure.

Quality paving and drainage projects require appropriate planning for present and future uses, attention to soil conditions, a design that encourages longevity, and a commitment to completion of construction on time and within budget.

Representative Project Descriptions Street Paving:

S Collegiate Dr Reconstruction, City of Paris, Texas
Stillhouse Road Widening, City of Paris, Texas

City of Fairfiled – Street Rehabilitation

City of Fairfield – Mims Creek Bridge Repair
City of Detroit -Street Paving

Street Reconstruction, Detroit, TX

Fairfield, TX Street Rehabilitation

Hearne St Extension, Paris EDC
South Collegiate Drive Reconstruction near PJC
Winnsboro Streets
Pecan Gap street rehab
Trinidad EDC Business Park Dev Phase I
Commerce Knight Street

Representative Project Descriptions Sidewalks:

Sidewalks for Downtown Pocket Park, City of Commerce, Texas
Sidewalk Improvements – City of Commerce and Texas A&M University

Heritage Sq Sidewalk Reconstruction, City of Cooper, Texas

Downtown Sidwalk Replacement – Bonham Street, City of Paris, Texas

Downtown Sidewalk Replacement – Clarksville Street, City of Paris, Texas

Downtown Square Sidewalks, City of Paris, Texas

Heritage Park Paving, City of Paris, Texas
Safe Routes to Schools, City of Paris, Texas
Bonham EDCO Heritage District