Water is a vital resource as well as a powerful force of nature. Water resources focuses on solving the problems and meeting the needs associated with the use and control of water. To meet a client’s water-related needs Hayter Engineering can both, formulate and implement water resource management strategies to protect this precious resource and plan, design, construct, and operate structures and facilities to control it.

Hydrology and Hydraulics: Applies hydrologic and hydraulic principals to analyze water related problems and develop feasible, cost effective alternatives.

  • Watershed Analysis
  • Open Channel Analysis
  • Drainage System Analysis
  • 1D and 2D Modeling

Drainage: The development of structural and nonstructural measures to protect human life and reduce flood safety risks; prevent damage to public and private property; minimize the disruption of typical activities caused by stormwater runoff; and protect water quality.

  • Analysis
  • Planning – Master Plans
  • Design

Water Supply and Demand

  • Assessment and Analysis of Water Sources
  • Water Distribution Studies
  • Population Growth/Land Uses

Erosion Control

  • Stream Bank Stabilization
  • Remedial Design
  • Stream Assessment

Projects Performed:
First United Methodist Church – Mt Vernon Remediation of Drainage Issues
AT&T Wireless Expo, Paris, TX
Disaster Relief Culvert Replacement
SanDiego-9thSW Paving and Drainage