Bid Tabulations

City of Arp – WWTP Slope Stabilization
City of Windom, TX – FM 1473/Wall St. and Hwy 56 Water Line Improvements

City of Deport, TX Bevill and Church St. Infrastructure Improvements

City of Avery, TX – San Antonio Dr. and Colorado St. Street Improvements

Delta County – Mt. Joy and Pecan Gap Water System Improvements

City of Arp – Wilson & Hollywood Utilities and Paving

Central Bowie County WSC – Disinfection System Improvements – DeKalb Pump Station

City of Arp – Barron Street Paving and Utilities
City of Paris, Texas – Flow EQ Basin Barscreen
City of Emory, TX – Downtown Sidewalk Improvements

City of Bonham, TX – Main Street Culvert Rehabilitation
City of Naples, TX – Pace Ave. and Main St. Sidewalk Improvements

City of Commerce, TX – WWTP Sludge Lagoon Closure

City of Grand Saline, TX – 250,000 Gallon Elevated Tank Rehabilitation and Repainting

City of Point – Community Center/Shelter/Library

Red River Co WSC – Rebid Contract A – Water Pumping and Storage Improvements for FM 911 Well

City of Bonham – REBID Island Bayou Culvert Rehabilitation

City of Detroit – REBID Streeet Reconstruction
Red River Co WSC – REBID Water Pumping and Storage Improvements for FM 911 Well
Red River County WSC – FM 911 Well – Water Pumping and Storage Improvements

City of Detroit, Texas – Street Rehabilitation

City of Terrell – S. Rockwall Area & Sanitary Sewer Line Improvements

City of Wills Point – Sparks & Gibbard TDA Sewer & Paving

City of Commerce – KLZ Stone Group Infrastructure Improvements

City of Paris – Trail de Paris – Bonhm St. at Depot to Boys & Girls Club

City of Fairfield – 2016 Street Rehabilitation
City of Fairfield – Mims Creek Aerator Replacement
City of Fairfield – Reunion and Ray Street Sewer Replacement
Lamar Co. WSD – Tigertown BPS, Storage, and Main
Gafford Chapel WSC – Water Line Relocation

City of Roxton – 2015 WWTP Improvements Re-bid

City of Paris – S. Collegiate Dr. Reconstruction – Clarksville St. to Big Sandy Creek Bridge

Red River County WSC – Deep Well – FM 911 South

City of Paris – Trail de Paris – SE 8th St to SW 4th St

City of Roxton – Rebid for 2015 WWTP Improvements

City of Cooper – Big Creek Lake Park Improvements

City of Fairfield – Ray St. Paving and Sewer Replacement

City of Fairfield – 2015 Street Rehabilitation

City of Paris – Trail de Paris Reconstruction S. Collegiate to Loop 286 REBID

City of Tioga – Water and Wastewater System Improvements
City of Commerce – Water Treatment and Distribution System Enhancements Project – TWDB #61475 and HEI #950075
Van Zandt County for Golden WSC – Purchase of Pipe, Fittings, Appurtenances

City of Terrell – Harrisse St. and Rose St. Sewer Line Improvements
City of Trinidad – City Lake Dam Repairs
Commerce – Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation

Bonham – Procurement for Headworks Improvements

Commerce – Intersection Improvements

Emory WTP Filter Backwash Improvements

Lamar County Phase 2 Water Line Improvements

Franklin County Water District Overflow Spillway Fish Screen Repair

Point Elevated and Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation

Cooper Utility Relocation for SH 24

Cooper WTP Improvements and Filter Rehabilitation

Red River County Road Rehabilitation

Blossom Master Lift Station Rehabilitation

East Tawakoni Rehabilitation of Lift Stations
Emory Clearwell at WTP
Reno Smallwood Road Wastewater Line
Wolfe City Sludge Equipment Rehab
Blossom Rail Trail
Blossom Dam Rehabilitation Re-Bid
Bogata Pumping Contracts A, B, and C
Paris Phase 2 Water System Replacement